1. Hope you find yourself in good health. I’m an independent filmmaker/photographer with a few indie feature film credits to my name. I first read about your career on ‘A Cinema of Outsiders’, so I’m looking forward to this blog.

    Thank you,



  2. Jon Jost, I have been receiving your blog since you showed at the National Gallery in Washington, DC. For me, the one about Iran is most engaging. The photographs are wonderful! Hoping you are aware of Juan Cole’s just released biography of Muhammad. Cole is going to get lots of flack from both Islamophobes and hard core, militant Muslims. The argument of the book is that Muhammad urged The Believers to be tolerant and aspire to peaceful coexistence. When it came to physical violence, Muhammad advocated for no plundering and only a sufficient amount of aggression to make peace possible.

    • Also, am in deep accord with your comments on American foreign policy. Here is a brief mention of an event when I ran a department and was on the senior staff of a hospital in Swaziland. All across the hospital grounds, people were shouting, “He’s done it, Puti (Brother) David!” Meaning, We know your sorrow. George W started his invasion of Iraq. On my one day off, I did grocery shopping — usually walking to the nearest town that had two grocery stores. One was owned by a Pakistani family that was a pariah and consequently had not much business. But for me, what they offered in spices and condiments was thrilling! The first time I went to their store, I presented my outrage for my government’s perpetual menace. The owner, Ahmed and I became immediate friends and we could never do enough for the other.
    • Also, in accord with your news, I married a woman from Swaziland and our age disparity matches your own. After legal wrangling, Immigration admitted that our marriage was legit but highly eccentric. We just have recently gone separate ways.
    • I want to comment about what you said about digital work, but I will wait and think about what you said since I want to return to your photographs soon.
    • I include my Vimeo address. It is sort of a hodgepodge. Posted a few shorter works. Recommend both the abbreviated and full DVDharma. I use Vimeo to chitchat with other artists and when I was asked to make a film for a circus in Cambodia, I tried to communicate with the performers. My latest work on Vimeo is set up as a rough cut that invites critique. Needs a password. I miss 16 m.m. and thought I could do very good, yet inexpensive work. Right now, have almost no DV equipment since my apartment’s rent is 150% of my income.

    Thanks for your post !!! it has enriched my day.


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